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SpaHealthy application

For your health

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- smart wellness for your health

- offers comfort services for wellness guests

- smart type service

- android application in combination with smartwatches

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Try it out!

- browsing services

- selection of service packages

- pulse measuring by smartwatch

- active display of health condition

- notice of health condition changes


Smart Health Preservation

Who can use it?

Good for every health-conscious consumer who often goes to thermal baths, spas or for those who often use wellness areas of hotels.

Why is it good?

A SpaHealthy - takes care of wellness guests’ health.

A SpaHealthy – offers wellness services in thermal baths, spas or wellness centres according to how trained is the user and his/her state of health.

A SpaHealthy - with the help of the heart rate censor keeps the wellness guest’s health condition under constant monitoring and SpaHealthy immediately warns the user if the chosen wellness program is not suitable for him/her.

What does SpaHeathy know?

  • It tests the level of fitness
  • Offers suitable wellness packages
  • Defines the order of the programs
  • Shows time spent in the program
  • Measures pulse rate
  • Checks health status
  • Warns when it necessary to reduce the difficulty of the program or to relax

How does Spahealthy work?

Available service packages were framed from various wellness services according to medical advices and scientific results. In these packages there are different stimuli strengthened services in professional order which serve recreation and health promotion.

The user to start the program has to fill in a test of health condition and with the results of the test the software offers those packages which fit with the medical condition of the user. The guest can choose from the available packages whether he/she wants to practice physical or mental harmony: health preservation exercises, relaxation or pampering.

SpaHealthy shows the schedule of programs, continuously follows the guest state in the program. The heart rate measuring function of the smart watch shows if the chosen program is not suitable for the health of the guest e.g: too much time spent in hot water.

The guest sees his/her pulse level on the smartwatch during the current wellness activity. The SpaHealthy application compares the pulse level measured by the smartwatch on the arm of the guest with the adjusted pulse value of the application and indicates if it goes out of the normal pulse range. Thus, SpaHealthy indicates when the stimulus is too strong ( too high load ) for the guest. This is a warning that the guest should reduce the load or he/she should rest.

How is your health?

According to the test previously done, your health state can be:

Soft Health: your general level of fitness, stamina is low, you might have minor health problems, you need low stimulus program

Normal Health: you have medium level of fitness and stamina, you are healthy, you would need moderate stimulus package

Hard Health: You are trained, you have an excellent health condition and you can have high stimulus program

What kind of health packages are there?

Soft Health Package: the package does not contain high stimuli intensity services, the ratio of moderate stimuli intensity activities are 60% in the program.

Normál Health Package: the package consists of 30% high, 60% moderate and 10% low stimuli intensity services.

Hard Health Package: in this package there are 70% high, 20% moderate and 10% low stimuli intensity services.

Where can I find SpaHealthy?

Hotel Divinus ***** Debrecen, Hungary

Soon in other institutes...